Pascal Jolivet

Pascal Jolivet

Route De Chavignol
Sancerre (ZIP Code 18300)
+33(0) 2 4878 6000

The Jolivet family entered the world of wine in 1926, when the trading company Jolivet and son was created. Louis Jolivet and Lucien Jolivet had until then taken over as winemakers at Château de Tracy. Louis and Lucien made their selection, bought in bulk, bottled and marketed their wines in the region of Sancerre.
Jacques Jolivet, son of Lucien, develops this activity while creating a beverage distribution structure. Wine is for him a passion and he recommends his son Pascal to become at the age of 22, agent of the famous house of Champagne Pommery that he still represents today. Jacques Jolivet acquires in 1983 a small trading company "The Great Wines of the Loire Valley" and offers his eldest son Pascal then 25 years to take the lead.

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