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Poliakov is the most popular vodka brand in France and one of the top five vodka brands in Western Europe as a whole. This is quite the feat to accomplish with so many different premium vodka brands on the market today.


Poliakov is a member of the fine portfolio of wines and spirits run by the French company of La Martiniquaise. This wine and spirits company is the second largest of its type in France. The company has been around since 1934, which is when it was founded by Jean Cayard. Through hard work and dedication, the company has been able to continue to grow and evolve over time, collecting different exciting brands and spirits along the way. In 2008, Poliakov became the number one vodka in France.

Product Range

Poliakov Standard Vodka is a premium vodka made from 100% grain. It is triple-distilled for purity and a fresh flavour.

Poliakov Silver Vodka is the super-premium version of the standard Poliakov vodka. This product is made using the highest quality grains and goes through five distillations to ensure that it is extra pure and smooth.

Poliakov Flavoured Vodkas come in a variety of delicious flavours including in caramel, lemon, cranberry, strawberry, mandarin, peach, green apple, and vanilla. These premium flavoured vodkas are a blend of Poliakov triple-distilled vodka and the naturally fresh aromas of the selected fruit. These delicious marriages of fruit and vodka were designed to be enjoyed either neat, on the rocks, with soft drinks or with other mixers.

Poliakov Vodka Shooters are flavoured shooters which showcase the triple-distilled Poliakov vodka by blending it with fruity notes. These come in three different flavours: strawberry-vanilla, apple-caramel, and lemon-mint.

Poliakov Vodka Ice is a sparkling vodka-based drink which shines with notes of lemon and lime. At just 5% alcohol per volume, they are a light and refreshing option.

Other Relevant Information

To craft its fine collection of vodkas and vodka-based products, Poliakov selects 100% pure grain and germinates, crushes, then ferments it using yeast. Column stills are used for distillation, which is completed from three to five times, depending on the product. Charcoal filtration is used to remove any remaining impurities before bottling.

With thirteen million litres sold globally, Poliakov simply continues to expand in popularity as time goes by. In 2011, the company joined the millionaire’s club, meaning that they had sold more than one million cases of nine litres in a year, around the world.

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