Tokaj Oremus

Tokaj Oremus

Bajcsy - Sz. út. 45
Tolcsva (ZIP Code 03934)
(+36) 473 845 052

Wine of kings; king of wines.

Thus Louis XIV of France called the Aszú wine of Tokaj. With similar words it has been described when tasted over the centuries and in the most diverse of languages, by eminent personalities from the worlds of politics, arts and science. The wines of Tokaj have always been considered a precious treasure.

Its long history places this sweet wine, product of a unique and complicated process, on the pedestal of ancient wines and the Olympus of cult wines.

The prestige of the aszú wines of Tokaj fascinates the Álvarez family, which in 1991, takes up contact with the Hungarian government once the intention of privatising the region becomes known

In 1993, Vega Sicilia founds Tokaj Oremus. The personality of the Álvarez family adds to the historic tradition of both wines. Pablo Álvarez, managing director of Vega Sicilia, is also responsible for this new project. The wine is studied in great detail and with great respect, together with its significance , its laborious winemaking process, historical practices... An experienced team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the region's wines is also sought.

From the moment the vineyards were founded to present day, the Álvarez family, respecting the Tokaj traditions, has made considerable investment in Tokaj Oremus with a view to increasing the technical level of the treatment of the grape and the winemaking installations, so as to make the best wines possible. The objective of the Álvarez family is to restore the vineyard to its former grandeur, it being one of the best situated, most emblematic and significant of Tokaj.

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