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Villa Massa

Villa Massa

Via Mortora San Liborio
Piano (ZIP Code 80063)
+39 081 5628154

Villa Massa is an Italian company that excels at the production of traditional Italian limoncello. Founded in 1890, the brand is now a leader in its field. Producing a fine line of liqueurs using products from the native Sorrento region, Villa Massa only continues to grow in popularity.


Villa Massa traces its roots back to 1890, which is the year in which the family began to produce and sell its artisanal Sorrento Limoncello. Villa Massa itself was founded a century later, in 1991, by Sergio and Stefano Massa. The founding of Villa Massa allowed the brand to retain its traditional character and recipe, but to combine those with modern and innovative production methods to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Villa Massa now distributes its products to more than 50 countries internationally and is one of the leading brands of limoncello in the world, a traditional product from Southern Italy that is now an international favourite.

In just over 25 years of marketing, Villa Massa has won a number of international awards for its quality, often being served at important ceremonies and events such as the G7 as well as to heads of state.

Product Range

Villa Massa currently produces an elegant range of liqueurs based on the fruit found in the Sorrento region. Great on their own in the traditional manner, these are all welcome additions to mixed drinks as well.

  • Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur): The traditional lemon-based Italian liqueur and the crown jewel in the Villa Massa portfolio, this authentic product of Sorrento is handcrafted using all-natural ingredients.

  • Crema Di Limoncello (Limoncello Cream Liqueur): This traditional spirit blends lemon zest with delicate milk cream to craft a velvety, smooth cream liqueur.

  • Liquore Di Noci (Sorrento Walnut Liqueur): Made using prized Sorrento walnuts that are macerated for an extended time in high-quality alcohol, this nut liqueur will mature in the bottle over time.

  • Liquore Di Arance (Orange Liqueur): The unmistakable taste and aroma of Sorrento oranges captured in a delicious liqueur.

  • Liquore Di Mandarini (Mandarin Liqueur): Freshly picked mandarins from the Sorrento region give this liqueur a delicate and pleasant flavour.

  • Dstill: An innovative way to re-use the lemon peels after creating limoncello, this aromatic lemon distillate is versatile and delicious.
  • Other Relevant Information

    Villa Massa grows its own Sorrento Oval PGI lemons in its “Le Grottelle” lemon grove. These unique lemons, cultivated and harvested in the traditional manner, are the key to the flavour and success of this liqueur. The lemons are produced continuously, so only the ripe lemons are picked by hand, leaving the rest on the tree to mature in their own time.

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