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Sheridan's 1L


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Sheridan's is a delicious liqueur resulting from the combination of vanilla and coffee liqueur. This liqueur is produced in Dublin, Ireland, by the Thomas Sheridan & Sons distillery, owned by Gilbey, a former gin distillery, responsible for the invention of Baileys, the famous Irish whisky-based liqueur.

Sheridan's liqueur was first launched on the market in 1994. Its initial design was the work of Pat Rigby, a director of research and development at Bailey's. This liqueur was created to add an exceptional product to the brand's catalogue. At first, Thomas Sheridan & Sons was unable to find a manufacturer for Sheridan's glass bottles. The design and conception of the Sheridan's bottle were initially carried out in Italy. Subsequently, the production of the bottles was transferred to France and England.

Sheridan's is bottled in a unique double bottle. It is composed of two lateral sections. The first section contains a black coffee liqueur based on Irish whisky. The second compartment contains a white milk chocolate liqueur. The bottle is also equipped with a measuring cap that allows the two liqueurs to be served simultaneously while respecting the accuracy of the proportions. The result is a glass in which the white liquor is superimposed on the black liquor. Considered the liquid version of tiramisu, Sheridan's liqueur reveals chocolate and hazelnut notes. Its alcohol content is 15.5%.

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Technical sheet

Category:Coffee liquor (Liquors & creams,Spirits)
Producer: Thomas Sheridan & Sons
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
50cl and 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 15.5%
Country: Ireland

Description of Sheridan's 1L

Sheridan's 1L


  • having coffee in liquor layers Sheridan is not a drink but two become one. The white part is milky and thick as the dark side reminiscent of a cafe near the Italian.
  • Nose: Once served in a glass, liquor exhales vanilla, rich chocolate and toffee.
  • Palate: The attack is surprisingly soft and creamy palate is rich, full of complementary flavors of cream, coffee, chocolate, lingering finish has notes of nuts and toasted hazelnuts.

PRODUCER: Sheridan's 1L is a coffee liqueur Baileys little cousin (which he also belongs to Diageo). The big idea is to prepare a kind of Irish coffee for Dummies. In fact, this liquor is in the form of a defined at the center by a glass wall separating the two components of this surprising liquor cylinder which, if served slowly recreates the two layers of the known Irish coffee.

COUNTRY: Ireland.

DEVELOPMENT: Coming from the imagination of a former home of Guinness, liqueur 2 in 1 is made of Irish whiskey, coffee extract, white chocolate and vanilla, plus secret ingredients. The bottle has been raised technical problems because no company in Ireland could not, as it did for the first time in Italy and in France and England.

ALCOHOL: 15.5%

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Sheridan's 1L

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good, original and excellent with a cigar
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