Hennessy V.S. 1L


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Hennessy V.S. is the most popular cognac in the world. This modern reinvention of the brand's classic 3-Star Cognac is made using eau-de-vie that are a minimum of two years of age. This is according to the French law that governs the naming of cognacs. The V.S. in the name of this spirit stands for "Very Special", which is quite apt in this case.

Around 40 distinct eau-de-vie are blended together to craft Hennessy V.S. All of these eau-de-vies are made from Ugni Blanc grapes grown in none other than the Cognac region of France. This blend is then allowed to age for a minimum of two years in French oak barrels. The result is a very special product that has come to be loved around the world since it is great for everyday drinking as well as for those special moments.

This historic brand was founded in 1765, by an Irish aristocrat, Richard Hennessy, who planned to export brandy back to his native Ireland and the United Kingdom. A short time later, these plans expanded as the brand began to send its products to the USA as well, beginning in 1792. Hennessy has been a favourite in the USA ever since, which remains one of Hennessy's largest markets worldwide.

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Technical sheet

Category:Cognac (Spirits)
Producer: Hennessy
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: France

Elaboration of Hennessy V.S. 1L

Hennessy V.S. 1L


  • Color: Hennessy V.S. 1L is an attractive golden color
  • Smell: The nose brings an intense and fruity with notes of oak.
  • Taste: On the palate, powerful flavors suggest toasted almonds, supported by notes reminiscent of fresh grapes.

WINEMAKING: is the result of a careful selection of only the eaux-de-vie more expressive and distinctive. After several years of aging in French oak barrels, the eaux-de-vie are then mixed with the domain and the only consistency Maison Hennessy.

PRODUCER: Hennessy

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The Producer



In 1765, Richard Hennessy, an Irish aristocrat in the service of France, founded in the Cognac region a trading house of spirits. His son Jacques would then give a quick boost to the company. Since then, the history of cognac has never ceased to be written with Hennessy.

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