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Colli Tortonesi Wine

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Colli Tortonesi lends its name to the controlled denomination of origin (DOC) that region. The production of these vineyards is concentrated on the province of Alessandria, located in teh Piamonte region, on the North of Italy, very near the border with the Swiss Alps.

The DOC Colli Tortonesi strains are almost mainly those of Barbera, plus Freisa, Bonarda and Dolceto. These are very typical of Italy, with a good strength, although they are not among the most distinguished strains in the country.

The DOC Colli Tortonesi presents, in its best years, optimum wines after one or two years of aging, although they can be aged for 15 or 20 years without losing their distinctive features. These wines have a winy aroma, and a particular perfume, they have an intense ruby color, if young, but with a tendency to maroon when they age.

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