Château de Monluc Vin Sauvage Brut review

Château Monluc (Côtes de Gascogne)

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Château Monluc Château Monluc Vin Sauvage Brut

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For this Brut sparkling Monluc, at first base wines are made from white varieties Ugni Blanc and Gros Manseng. The various batches obtained are high, tasted and assembled to give the Cuvée, final assembly, which will be bottled accompanied yeast and sugar liquor, for a second fermentation in the bottle. The bottle fermentation makes the bubble outlet. At the end of this fermentation was removed dead yeast disgorging the bottle. Then added what is called the draw to put the liquor bottle level. The Cuvée Brut Monluc known as wild wine is lively in the mouth with a slight lemony nuance. This vintage offers us a bubble, fine and creamy that coats the palate without aggression. Drink as an aperitif with such Liqueur Pushes Rapier.

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