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Some of the most special and demanded wines in the world are made in Chile. This country is the land of the Andes Mountains and has a temperate Mediterranean climate, producing fine wines. Hence, some of these wines are somewhat similar to those made in Spain. Its wines stand out for their high quality.

Specifically, the wines from the Curicó Valley are produced in the wine region of the Central Valley and include the administrative province of Curicó and the territory of the municipality of Río Claro in the province of Talca, located in the Maule Region.

This type of wines feature a high acidity, especially in the white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. The Cabernet Sauvignon grape is also used for other wines of the region.

Within the Curicó Valley sub region, in Chile, we can differentiate two areas: Valle del Teno and Valle del Lontué. The first includes three viticultural areas, and the second two viticultural areas.

This region has 53,716.31 hectares of vineyards, of which 53,496.51 hectares correspond to wine vineyards and only 219.8 hectares to table grape vineyards. The communes that make up the denomination of origin Curicó Valley wine sub region have 19,819.98 hectares of vineyards.

Among the wines from Curicó Valley, there are those produced by Miguel Torres. An example is the Manso de Velasco 2012 (Cabernet Sauvignon). With an intense ruby ​​red colour, it has fruity aromas, jam, black fruit and leather, while in the mouth there are fruity, spicy and toasted notes. In this case, its ageing lasts 16 months in barrels. These red wines usually pair very well with red and roasted meats, because in Chile high quality meats are remarkable.

While the Curicó Valley Valdivieso wine, from Eclat Botrytis Semillon Halves 375ml, is sweet and has a good body and the characteristics of the wines produced in this region. We also highlight Viña Errazuriz Estate Merlot Curico 2015, produced in these valleys where fine wines predominate.

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