Hello Sebastien, we have found the perfect vintage homebar to complete our home decoration. We need now to gear it up with the right choice of glasses and a proper set of barware. Could you point us in the right direction?

For the glassware, Libbey – Author’s note: https://retail.libbey.com – has a nice collection. You can find every kind of glass you want. Really good value for money. 


For the bar tools, I would also recommend www.laboutiquedubarman.fr. You can find everything there. Quality is good and prices are reasonable.


Then, if you are willing to invest more, you could go for Japanese barware. These are very beautiful tools, with high quality. It is a fancy way to accessorize your homebar.

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The stage is all set for a great session of homemade cocktails. Are there any ground rules you can share with us to choose the right assortment of drinks and ingredients?

If we are talking homebar, there is no rule except yours. But of course it’s always useful to have the basics. It is like a backbone to your creativity.


You can’t be serious about making cocktails if you don’t have the following 3 alcohols: vodka, gin, and rum. You can also add some bourbon for a wider range of flavors. My favorites could be Absolute, Hendricks and Havana Club.


On the sweet side, you need to have sugar. Crystal, Cassonade or simple syrup (you can make your own easy with half water, half sugar). You may also have flavored syrup.

Monin is one of the bests brand, with a variety of 150 different flavors. Personally I like pink grapefruit, passion fruit, raspberry and blackcurrant, indeed they are easy to work with.

Other Liquors, such as Cointreau or Saint Germain (elderflower liquor) are very important too. I really think that making cocktails at home is a perfect moment to experience new liquors and extand your knowledge.To bring freshness, colors and textures to your drinks, you have to call on Mother Nature. Above all, lemons and limes. Then get seasonal fruits and herbs. My favorites would be berries. Cucumber is also very interesting to work with. Orange and grapefruit for the zest and fresh mint, basil and rosemary for herbs.

At one point, you will need Mixers. Sodas for instance are good to add some bubbles! Soda water, ginger ale and tonic are the basics. I am not a big fan of bottled juice, but if you have to use some, prefer apple, pineapple or cranberry.


You can also add some bitter to twist both taste and color, like Angostura, curacao or bitter truth.


Now you just need a lot of ice and you favorite guests!

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Author: Elodie Leone

Photos: Valerie Labadie