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German vineyards have been established as far north as the period for maturation of the grape allows, in lands not appropriate for normal agriculture. In German vineyards, the essences of the grapes blend with those of the soil, producing wines with low alcohol content and with little body, with tinges of flavor and an intense aroma.

German wines have their origins in the Rhine and its tributaries, the point of conection among the 11 vine-growing regions of the country. Vineyards extend from the border with Switzerland, in the south, to Bonn, in the north of the country, through Schloss Johannisberg, in the region of Rheingau. The best vineyards are in the northern regions, never at more than 160 meters above sea level.

German wines tend to be balanced, their aroma depends on the soil, the vineyard and the variety of the grape used. That explains the importance of the height and the slope of the land, as well as the importance of the drainage provided by the slates and the presence of very aromatic varieties, like the Riesling.

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