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Gin is a type of spirit derived from the Dutch jenever. Depending on the variety, its alcoholic range varies between 37 and 47 alcohol by volume. Gin is obtained through the distillation of unmalted barley, which is rectified with juniper berries and flavoured with cardamom and other herbs that give it its special aroma. Gin is made with fresh cereal alcohols with 96% ABV.

Origins of gin

The history of gin goes back several hundred years, specifically to the seventeenth century in Holland. A doctor was looking for an effective solution for several kidney-related diseases. Thus, he made the first distillation of alcohol along with rye, barley and corn, to which Juniper was added later.

Later, British military officers, thanks to several campaigns conducted in Holland, knew the drink and introduced it in Great Britain, where it became very popular. Nevertheless, a few years later, the British government decided to tax the imports in the country; Imports of Dutch gin into the United Kingdom were drastically reduced and national gin production started in the country.

There are some differences between Dutch and British gin. In the Dutch variety soft spirits are distilled along with treated and fermented malt; Later they're mixed with different elements in order to obtain a gin with a strength of approximately 44% ABV. As for the British variety, a reduced strong alcohol is used; Then some herbs are added and it's distilled again. British gin has a somewhat higher ABV, around 47%.

The most famous gin cocktails

Currently, there is a large selection of cocktails with gin as the main ingredient, and each one of them is popular in a specific place of the world. One of the most famous in the world is the Dry Martini along with the Gin and Tonic. There are also others, like the Gin Fizz or even the Bronx. They are all great options for a night full of glamour and sophistication.

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