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Gin Sacred

70cl Volume

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Sacred Microdistillery
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: England
No other than Sacred Microdistillery produces the Gin Sacred ($38.78), a gin with origins in England with an alcohol strength of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Gin Sacred with 4,1 of 5 points.

Description of Gin Sacred

Gin Sacred


  • Colour: Gin Sacred has a bright, clear appearance.
  • Aroma: Smooth and discreet on the nose, with the juniper scent coming upfront, accompanied by floral hints and notes of fresh pine.
  • Taste: Dry on the palate, with more juniper on the mouth. Pilau rice and peppery notes complete the flavour profile. The finish is long and spicy, with an aftertaste of pine, juniper, and red pepper corns.

PRODUCER: Sacred Spirits Company.

COUNTRY: England.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Crafted in the backyard! This gin is produced in a micro-distillery in a family home in the North of London. Classic London Dry gin, this spirit is created in small batches using a vacuum distillation system rather than the traditional pot still. This system allows for lower temperatures of distillation, thus creating a gin with a creamier texture, fresh flavour, and a perfect balance. A total of 12 botanicals are used in the crafting process, including Spanish and Italian pink grapefruit, sweet orange, lemon, lime, Tuscan and Bulgarian juniper, angelica root, orris root, cinnamon, and frankincense from the Sultan of Oman. Smooth and delicious, this is the perfect spirit for a sip, although the layers of flavour make it an interesting choice for cocktails and mixed drinks.


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Gin Sacred

4 /5

- A boutique artisanal hand distilled gin produced in small batches in Ian Hart's award winning microdistillery in London.
- Rich creamy notes of fresh Citrus and Juniper with contrapuntal exotic spice provided by Cardomom, Nutmeg and Hougari Frankincense - aka Boswellia Sacra, from which this unique gin derives its name. 12 botanicals in all make this elegant and finely balanced gin delicious to drink straight!
- Makes a subtle and luscious Martini or G&T.
- Ginmasters 2009 Overall Winner with a score of 98/100!
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4 /5

Sacred Gin is distilled from a secret recipe of 12 ingredients encyclopedia inspired "Hortus Indicus Malabaricus", written in Latin between 1678 and 1703 by the Carmelite Father Matthew in St. Joseph, Malabar, India, in which documents thousands new types of spices for the Dutch East India Company.
In distillation using freshly cut citrus: orange, lemon, lime and juniper, cardamom, angelica and Boswellia Sacra (frankincense tree) from which comes the name "Sacred" Low temperature distillation of fresh ingredients and moist, is the key character of Sacred Gin.
The ingredients are distilled separately by the method of a vacuum pump in an average of 1/12 to 1/16 of an atmosphere, resulting, due to the low temperature, an aromatic and fresh distilled, difficult to achieve with traditional stills as the action of heat causes the isomerization of terpenes and terpenoids dimensional such as limonene, geraniol, pinene, eucalyptol, citral, linalool incensole. Therefore, Sacred Gin has more flavors that reflect the freshness and fragrance of caramelized citrus and bitter character gins distilled at higher temperatures.
Also, by distilling the ingredients separately, is impossible to absorb the aroma characteristics of other flavors and "corrupt" or refine each ingredient purity confers. Another aspect of Sacred Gin makes a unique and high quality product.
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4.5 /5

A fascinating I find my small producers, lover of "artisanal" in Gins I find Sacred, a gin that I loved since I tried it.
Very limited annual production, is hellebore from 12 different botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, nutmeg, and Boswellia Sacra of the product name is derived. Ingredients that are distilled separately and then make the blending, as the blend of wine ;-).

To my tonic: the glass ball serve with ice to stop (to fill the glass), with the help of the shaker spoon stir the ice crystals to cool the glass and remove the water that has been released.
This time select several just a thin strip of lemon and one lime lime peel, previously conducted a Twist with the latter.
Time to take Sacred Gin (short story 1001, 1002 and 1003) from a certain height in order to be oxygenated.
And finally, aided by a spiral spoon, add the tonic, very slowly. This time choose the QTonic to enhance their flavors and that carbon does not mask a little lighter the qualities of gin.
And enjoy the aromas of juniper!
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Gin Sacred: Una de mis ginebras favoritas

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