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It's the brand Sibbaris Privée which produces the Gin Tinto ($38.33), a gin with origins in Portugal with an alcohol content of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Gin Tinto with 4,5 of 5 points.
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From the northernmost reaches of Portugal, on the banks of the River Minho lies the town of Valença. Here, João Guterres had the idea to craft a premium gin that was full of the flavours of Portugal. To that end, he collected a basketful of local botanicals and started experimenting. His original plan was to make a clear gin like all of the rest, but Gin Tinto turned out better than that.

The base spirit for this gin is made using a mixture of rye and barley. These grains are triple distilled with juniper, lemon peel and orange peel before the selected botanicals are added. A macerated collection of dill, poppy, lavender, nepeta, willow leaf, laurel, elderflower, rosemary, herb-Robert, eucalyptus, balm, lemon verbena, and blackberries are added for the fourth and final distillation. The perico, a local hybrid fruit that both sweet and sour, finishes off the mix and adds the dark red hue that gives Gin Tinto its name.

This slow, artisanal gin is truly original. The colour is a really deep red, like that of red wine. The flavour is herbaceous and fruity, with fragrances that will take you back to the fields from which the herbs and fruit were harvested. This unique gin is sure to become one of your favourites. It is young, fresh, elegant, and a delightfully modern take on an old favourite.

Technical sheet · Gin Tinto

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Sibbaris Privée
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Portugal

Description · Sibbaris Privée

Gin Tinto


  • Color: Red intense and brilliant.
  • Aroma: Fruity aromas with soft notes of mint, juniper and forest floor.
  • Taste: sweet, nice, with a touch of acid sour pear and ripe berries.

PRODUCER: Distilleries Decanter is located in Fontoura, Valenca, to the northeast of Portugal. It was founded by Joao Guterres, a man dedicated to work in the world of aromatic plants since 1997; that after their knowledge in these plants took the initiative to develop a gin that had as its main ingredient parakeet, exclusive fruit of this land, obtaining as a result the first red gin in the world and therefore a complete success. This gin once placed on the market exceeded all expectations and within a week sold the first 5,000 liters manufactured in his distillery, and selling before production 10,000 liters to countries like Dubai, Belgium and Germany.

COUNTRY: Portugal.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The main ingredients for processing are poppy and the parakeet, used also dill, grass of God, bay leaf, herb scented cat flap with mint, bark white willow, miraculous elderberry, lemon balm fragrant eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender , lemon, orange and finally blackberries; which they are macerated by slowly separated. It is subsequently distilled three times with alcohol rye, barley and juniper.


Sibbaris Privée

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Highlighted review about Gin Tinto

Posted on at 10.59


Gin Tinto

Red Red Gin is a Portuguese gin distillery produced by the Decanter, whose main ingredients poppy and parakeet. Portuguese premium gin Tinto Red Premium Gin is the culmination of a dream of its creator, João Guterres, and his sons, Hugo and Marco. Dedicated for decades culinary herbs, he decided...
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Posted on at 07.17


Gin Tinto "red Premium Gin"

Great flavour and smooth drink awesome
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Posted on at 14.48


- Color: red, clean and bright.
- Flavour: aromas of gin premium class.
- Taste: long drink of great persistence, soft and delicate but firm.

PRODUCER: Sibbaris...
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Posted on at 15.19


- Colour: red, clean and bright.
- Flavour: aromas of a good gin.
- Taste: wide entry Taste. Soft, smooth and firm.

PRODUCER: Gin Tinto.
COUNTRY: Portugal.

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Posted on at 05.16


Gin Tinto "red Premium Gin"

The Red Gin has 14 ingredients, dill, laurel, nêveda, willow leaf, elderberry, São Roberto herbs, lemongrass, lucia file, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary, lavender, citrus of Orange peel, popies and wild...
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