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Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin

70cl Volume

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The production of the Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin is based on one of the world's purest waters. This combined with a fine selection of berries, spices and fruits result in a truly unique gin. The silkiness of its nature also speaks to the most demanding gin palates. The producer Isfjord presents his Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin as the world's softest gin and challenges everybody to enjoy it pure. However, its smooth character also stands out perfectly if you pour it over crushed ice.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Isfjord
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 44%
Country: Denmark
Type Of Gin: Jenever

Description of Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin

Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin


  • Color: crystal clear, transparent.
  • Flavour: distinguish between citrus and botanical notes.
  • Palate: Soft, the presence of juniper berries and spices stands.

PRODUCER: Isfjord.

COUNTRY: Greenland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: As is known, the gin is a distillate that can be flavored with various essences, called "Botanical", which impress their fragrances. But there is another detail that links the production of each gin. Alcohol which are left to soak the various botanical, must have a grading suitable for consumption. For this reason, the ethyl alcohol is "cut" with water. Needless to say that the importance of water is as important as botany. It is in this detail that premium gin Isfjord Arctic is different from the other, to the point of winning the Silver Award at the ISC (International Spirits Challenge) in 2018, for quality. It is just the latest recognition of this gin that makes its 12 botanicals (juniper berries, lemon grass, angelica root, cardamom and sandalwood, among others) its strong point, and water from its award-winning uniqueness. That? Comes from virgin icebergs of Greenland. A combination of ingredients that provides a smooth, soft distilled, like silk. Ideal for very cold soft drink, or to treat a classic long drinks such as gin and tonic with ice and a slice of lemon.


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2012 - Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge

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- View: Isfjord Premium Artic Gin is transparent.
- Nose: Aromas own ingredients. The ice water is combined with carefully selected herbs, angelica root, juniper berries, cardamom, lemongrass and orange bergamotta.
- Mouth: Distill thoroughly five times with pure natural water land icebergs from Greenland with more than 180,000 years old.

COUNTRY: Greenland
ALCOHOL: 44% Vol
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