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Monkey 47 Wooden Case 50cl


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Monkey 47 is new in the world of gin. Not only is it unique for its low production, but the real difference lies in style and taste. Balanced and complex, it is a dry gin with an intense taste of juniper and citrus fruits and a long bitterish aftertaste.

The history of its name? A commander of the British Royal Air Force, Montgomery Collins, stationed in Germany, founded a domestic distillery in the Black Forest, with the intention of creating the perfect gin with the plants offered by the surrounding forest. Some time before, he had adopted a homeless monkey after a bombing had destroyed the Berlin Zoo.

In 2008 a Master Distiller accidentally bought Collins' house, found the recipe for his gin and decided to bring it to success. In homage to the Master Distiller, his monkey Max and the 47 plants used in the recipe, the new owner of the distillery decided to call the distillate Monkey 47.

Monkey 47 is obtained from the double distillation of wheat grains, followed by a third distillation with botanicals, and aged in earthenware containers. The annual production is only 2,500 bottles.

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Technical sheet

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Black Forest Distillers
Volume: 50cl
Alcohol Vol.: 47%
Country: Germany

Elaboration of Monkey 47 Wooden Case 50cl

Monkey 47 Wooden Case 50cl


  • Color: The fabulous Monkey 47 Wooden Case 50cl is a clear, bright Gin.
  • Smell: The characteristic juniper aroma dominates the slightly sweet and at the same time spicy background notes.
  • Taste: This Gin offers a balanced and complex, dry, intense taste of juniper and citrus fruits and convinces with its long, slightly bitter finish. Unique!

DISTILLERY: It is a very young Gin, which has only been produced by the Black Forest Distillers in the German Black Forest since 2010.

INGREDIENTS: An impressive mixture of 47 different types of plants, with the blueberry standing out.

PRODUCTION: After a double firing process, a third follows, in which the 47 regional herbs are added. The maturation takes place in traditional clay pots.


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The Producer

Black Forest Distillers

Black Forest Distillers

A real revelation in recent years, Monkey 47 makes one of the most special gins on the market. Made in the Black Forest, most of its ingredients (47 in total) come from the region, but others have been harvested in faraway lands. They give this gin a complex" and **uncommonly harmonious character.

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