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Destilerías Campeny (Gin)

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It's Destilerías Campeny who produces the Tann's Gin ($22.42), a gin from Spain showing an alcohol content of 40%. Drinks&Co users give this Tann's Gin 4 of 5 points and qualified with peñín: 93.
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Tann's Gin can trace its origins back to 1977 when Campeny Distilleries first launched its original version of this popular gin. The original recipe depended more upon the taste of juniper berries than anything else, but the recipe has been changed over time according to the continuously changing fashion and consumer tendencies. Now, the new, updated Tann's Gin recipe adds other botanical ingredients to round out the juniper taste of the classic recipe.

Starting with a neutral, 100% grain spirit, Tann's Gin puts this through three infusions of its collection of ten botanical ingredients. These ten ingredients include juniper berries, coriander, cucumber, cardamom, rose petals, lemon peel, mandarin peel, orange blossom, liquorice, and raspberry. The triple-infusion of these specially selected flavours allows Tann's Gin to shine with a special, refined touch without losing the delicious taste of juniper berries on which it was founded.

Try Tann's Gin on the rocks or mixed with your favourite mixer to allow its aromas free rein. Complex and perfumed, Tann's Gin is not at all aggressive and gives off a unique expression of the botanicals used. This fresh and velvety gin is an excellent escape from classic gin recipes. Try it in a gin tonic and see for yourself what a company that listens to its consumers can achieve.

Technical sheet · Tann's Gin

Category:Gin (Spirits)
Producer: Destilerías Campeny
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain

Description · Destilerías Campeny

Tann's Gin


  • Colour: Tann's Gin has a bright and crystalline appearance.
  • Aroma: Classic juniper is enhanced by red fruit notes to open, with a hint of fresh and zesty citrus coming through.
  • Taste: Crisp, refined, well-balanced, and modern, with a welcome touch of spice. This is an aromatic twist on your usual London Dry Gin. The predominant juniper is lent flavourful interest and smoothness by notes of cardamom and cucumber, with a further echo of anise during the long, silken finish.

PRODUCER: Destilerias Campeny, located in El Masnou, near Barcelona.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Tann's Gin is produced using 100% grain neutral spirit, blending the ever-essential juniper berries with a further nine botanicals: cardamom, coriander seeds, cucumber, lemon peel, liquorice root, mandarin peel, orange blossom, raspberry, and rose petals. Triple distillation gives the gin a refined and complex character while paying proper honour to the juniper at its heart. Destilerias Campeny has been producing Tann's Gin since 1977, but has adapted the recipe from time to time in order to reflect and cater to the most up-to-date tastes and to be responsive to their customer's preferences. The modern and characterful bottle with its purple graphics represents perfectly both the contents and their character.


Destilerías Campeny

Destilerías Campeny is a company based in Barcelona that has been crafting fine spirits since 1970. With a large portfolio of more than 50 products, Destilerías Campeny has kept evolving over the years to keep up with the tastes and demands of the market . The Catalan cream liquor Melody is a...

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Highlighted review about Tann's Gin

Posted on at 12.31


Tann's Gin

Alcohol: 40
Contents: 0, 7 l
With its unrivaled clarity, crispness and flavor, it is recognized as the best gin in the world. Tanqueray is made using a recipe of only high-quality wheat, the purest water, juniper berries more selected, the best botanical products, in a single quadruple...
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Posted on at 12.27


Tann's Gin one of my favourite

A premium gin with a mild juniper scent mingled with sweetness and citrus, great combination. Ideal with Fever Tree Tonic and a twist of lemon & orange peel to help bring out the fruity flavors if...
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Posted on at 12.01


Tann's Gin: Una ginebra aromática

Premium Spanish Geneva from a triple infusion of 10 botanicals.
Very aromatic gin, sweet notes of rose petals, some strawberries and citrus.
In the mouth it is the greedy gins, sweetish, which make...
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Posted on at 14.57


Premium gin made in Spain. Produced from the triple distillation of 10 ingredients, among which, licorice, rose petals, cucumber, raspberries, cilantro, not forgetting juniper berries, orange...
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Posted on at 17.27


- View: Gin Tann's is colorless.
- Nose: It is very aromatic, highly integrated alcohol and citrus presence.
- Mouth: Botanists used are juniper, coriander, licorice, cucumber, rose...
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Posted on at 04.45


Gin Tann´s is a mighty spirit

Posted on at 16.12


This is a Premium Gin, London Dry, obtained by triple distillation. Botanists used are juniper, coriander, licorice, cucumber, rose petals, bark tangerine, lemon peel, cardamom, orange blossom and...
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Posted on at 05.21


Geneva alcohol-based flavored cereal juniper and an infusion of different botanicals. Dry responds English style but with remarkable perfumed notes gin. Brewed in El Masnou, near Barcelona.
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Posted on at 13.31


Gin Tann's Premium

Tann's PREMIUM GIN 70 cl
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Posted on at 11.35


Gin Tann's Premium

Alcohol: 40%; Format: 0. 7l; Serving temperature: 4/8 ° C; Moment to taste it: cocktail party; Findings of Tannico: 8/10
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Posted on at 09.04


- TASTING NOTES: Nose heavyset, with character. Complex and fragrant. Alcohol well integrated. botanical notes and citrus, all well combined. thick and delicate aroma where botanical blend...
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