Grappa Nonino Friulana Alla Ruta


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Category:Grappa (Spirits)
Producer: Nonino
Volume: 70cl
Country: Italy
This grappa, Grappa Nonino Friulana Alla Ruta ($20.29), is made by Nonino with roots in Italy. Rated with 4 of 5 points according to Drinks&Co's users.

Description of Grappa Nonino Friulana Alla Ruta

Grappa Nonino Friulana Alla Ruta

PRODUCER: Nonino Grappa.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: pomace selected friulanos vineyards, discontinuous distillation head and tail cut in stills copper vapor.


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It is one of the most famous Italian distilleries in the world, a true symbol of tradition, quality and prestige. It was founded by Orazio Nonino in 1897, when, after years of itinerant activity with an alembic mounted on wheels, he established his headquarters in Percoto, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from Udine. For over 120 years the business has remained in the hands of the Nonino family which, in its long history, has succeeded with increasing success in accomplishing an important mission: bringing Italian grappa into the world transforming it from rustic and peasant distillation to noble and prestigious brandy. , from traditional daily product to luxury goods for important occasions.

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TYPE: Grappa MANUFACTURER: NoninoGRADAZIONE: 43 0CONTENUTO: 0, 7 l DESCRIPTION: White Grappa with ruta grass cultivated biologicamente.Erbacea and has typical properties selected Friulian vineyards digestive.Vinacce, ruta graveolens L.- -Ruta grass grown organically in ' ortho Nonino.Affinamento family of from six months to one year in steel vats vacuum inossidabile.Fermentazione in vats stainless steel discontinuous artisan controllata.Distillazione temperature, immediately after the fermentazioneLa distillation is the process that allows to extract and enhance the essence marc. The more fresh and soft is the marc, the better will be the grappa that is obtained. The Nonino owns 66 steam pot stills, the result of continuous research and innovation of Benito Nonino, which allow a distillation with the removal of heads and tails, allowing the selection of the pure heart of Grappa. These stills are working 24 hours on 24 September to November, allow the Nonino of distilling the marc immediately after fermentation, while the harvest and prevent the methanol formation and hence its demetilizzazione.Le distilleries that contrary to the Nonino, choose to distilling the pomace after a long fermentation and silage, they find themselves working a raw material that has undergone secondary fermentations, characterized by unpleasant odors and flavors, with high concentration of methyl alcohol and will therefore be forced to the use of demetilizzazione column. That is why the Nonino has chosen to immediately distill the marc, facing higher production costs, but thus obtaining a quality brandy assoluta.Va served at 12 º C in a glass open corolla tulip. Before tasting, grappa must rest for a few minutes in the glass: oxygenating, the aromas are enhanced, the nose-palate harmony completa.Bevuta, sipped, sipped at the end of a lunch or any time of the day, is a source of real pleasure!
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