Nonino Lo Chardonnay


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Technical sheet

Category:Grappa (Spirits)
Producer: Nonino
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 41%
Country: Italy
The Nonino Lo Chardonnay ($40.75) by Nonino: a grappa with origins in Italy with an alcohol strength of 41%. The Drinks&Co community values the Nonino Lo Chardonnay with 4 of 5 points.

Description of Nonino Lo Chardonnay

Nonino Lo Chardonnay


  • Color: Grappa Lo Chardonnay di Nonino has a nice light amber color.
  • Smell: Delicious golden apple and fresh bread crust, vanilla, pastry and hints of chocolate.
  • Taste: Warm and lively, with almonds, toffee and chocolate flavors.

ALCOHOL: 41% Vol


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The Producer



It is one of the most famous Italian distilleries in the world, a true symbol of tradition, quality and prestige. It was founded by Orazio Nonino in 1897, when, after years of itinerant activity with an alembic mounted on wheels, he established his headquarters in Percoto, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, not far from Udine. For over 120 years the business has remained in the hands of the Nonino family which, in its long history, has succeeded with increasing success in accomplishing an important mission: bringing Italian grappa into the world transforming it from rustic and peasant distillation to noble and prestigious brandy. , from traditional daily product to luxury goods for important occasions.

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4 /5

- Color: light amber.
- Flavour: Freshly baked bread and apples
- Taste: pastry, vanilla, chocolate and almonds naked.

PRODUCER: Nonino Distillatori Srl.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is the old, traditional distillate made in northern Italy. It is obtained by distilling the solid part of the grape, in this case Chardonnay, resulting in the alcoholic beverage from the grape skins: pomace. Fermented in steel tanks then it is distilled with the traditional method and 100% craft, which is discontinuous character with a cutting head to tail and fruit. This process is done in copper stills steam batch. Distillation occurs slowly so that the volatile components retain the organoleptic characteristics of the chosen vineyard. It stays for a year in barrels made of wood batch. Bottling is systematized and made into transparent glass bottles. It is refined and smooth for all types of taste buds.

It should be served at 12 ° C. Before tasting, Grappa should be in the glass for a few minutes so you can complete the nose-palate union. It is recommended to be accompanied with cheeses, sushi, fish and desserts especially if they contain chocolate drink.

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