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Mentzendorff presents us the Mentzendorff Kummel 50cl ($256.40), a liquors & creams from France showing an alcohol content of 38%.

Technical sheet · Mentzendorff Kummel

Category:Liquors & creams (Spirits)
Producer: Mentzendorff
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: France

Description · Mentzendorff

Mentzendorff Kummel 50cl


  • Color: crystal clear.
  • Aroma: powerful aroma and high anise, cumin and hints of orange zest.
  • Taste: sweet, flavors of caraway and white pepper, licorice notes lingering finish, with a great balance of sweetness and spice.

PRODUCER: Distillerie Combier.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: caraway seed is placed in tanks with natural alcohol derived from sugar beet. Pot stills are heated with steam for 7 hours and the steam passes below 152 ° C stills to 7 bar pressure. At this temperature, the alembic still takes 20 minutes to start to boil. Once the distillate passes through the cooling pipes is collected in inert tubs and then distilled twice to produce exceptional clarity of flavor. During the first distillation, hearts and tails are retained, however, unstable heads are eliminated. Hearts and tails are subjected together to a second distillation only the hearts are collected. This clear and stable liquid estransferido to stainless steel tanks where it is mixed with sugar and is reduced to 38% in water with ionized water. Remains in these tanks for 2 months before bottling. It is then rinsed with a neutral alcohol, is filled and sealed with wax hand.



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4 /5

- Mentzendorff Kummel has, since 1823, experienced a remarkable history.
- It all starts and revolved about an old Manor House, called Allasch, in Livonia about 40 kilometres from the Baltic Port of Riga.
- The Barons passed on old family recipe according to which they made for the enjoyment of their friends a Kummel Liqueur called Allasch Kummel. An export firm in Riga, named "Mentzendorff" suggested to the Barons that they should make the Kummel for export. Other European Liqueur manufacturers began to imitate the liqueur and closely copied the label, without succeeding however to match the genuine 'finesse' of the original Mentzendorff Kummel.
- Nowdays, the Allasch Kummel is known under Mentzendorff Kummel. It is produced at Saumur, in France, by the oldest distillery in the Loire Valley, Combier distillery which was founded in 1834.
- Lucas Bols is believed to have produced the first Kummel in the 1570's, around the time he began making gin. Made using cumin, a relative of the caraway seed, and the fiery qualities this spice brings to cooking gives an extra edge. Having originated in the region, kummel production has stuck stubbornly to north-western Europe and through the Baltic States and to Scandinavia.
- "If your guests refuse to leave, uncork a magnificent magnum of Mentzendorff Kummel. This will ease the digestion of even the heartiest meals while keeping the party going indefinitely. " Johnny Ray The Telegraph 29 November 2008.

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