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Lugana (Veneto) Wine

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Lugana is a DOC white wine with deep historical roots, produced in the plain south of Lake Garda, between the provinces of Brescia and Verona. This fragrant white wine, much loved by Catullus, is produced in the towns of Brescia Desenzano del Garda, Lonato, Sirmione, Pozzolengo and in the town of Verona Peschiera del Garda.

This wine-growing area is characterized by a compact, clayey and calcareous soil that allows the cultivation of an autochthonous white grape variety of excellent quality called Trebbiano di Lugana. Probably planted by the Romans, this Trebbiano, similar to the Verdicchio, has medium-sized bunches of grapes with fairly thick skin, covered with bloom. Its strong aromatic character and its lively acidity give the Lugana wine a full and well-defined structure.

Lugana wine has a typical straw yellow colour with greenish reflections and can boast elegant aromas of white flowers, citrus fruits and fruity notes reminiscent of apples, apricots and peaches. The palate clearly shows its decisive freshness and its discreet softness that are combined with a bouquet of great harmony with a savory finish. Lugana is a white wine with excellent qualities of aging and its natural acidity makes it suitable for the production of pleasant sparkling wines, which have a higher alcohol content than the traditional Lugana wine.

In addition to the classic Lugana Superiore and the interesting Lugana Spumante, two new types were introduced in 2011. We can thus taste a Lugana Riserva, aged for two years and with complex aromas, or a Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva, made with grapes lightly dried on the plant and with 12 months of aging.

Lugana is a very versatile wine and can be paired with many different dishes. We can serve it as an aperitif with simple and cold appetizers, but it is also very suitable to accompany dishes of lake fish, trout, eels and vegetables. The Riserva versions are suitable for pasta dishes with meat or cheese sauces, while the Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva goes perfectly with dishes based on gorgonzola.

Among the main quality labels and renowned wineries we would like to mention the Lugana Molin Doc of Ca' Maiol, the Lugana Riserva Menasasso Doc of Selva Capuzza, the Lugana Riserva del Lupo Doc of Ca' Lojera, the Lugana Brut Hirundo Doc of Selva Capuzza and the S.Cristina Rigoletto Veneto Passito Igt of Zenato.

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