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Málaga DO wines require two things: that the grapes be picked in the province of the same name and that the wine be produced in the municipality of Málaga as well. This is an area of 1,000 hectares of vineyards developed in a wide variety of climates. To the north, the climate is continental, with short winters and summers. however, in the slopes that face the sea, there is a mild climate, with median temperatures of between 19° and 18 and an annual rainfall of between 400 and 500mm.

The main strain in Málaga is Pedro Ximénez, though the fame reached by the Muscat grape cannot be denied. This grape supplies the market for raisins and table grapes, and it is also used to produce the well-known Málaga Dulce, dessert wines that are yellow or dark amber in color.

Sweet and semi-sweet wines in Málaga, such as Lágrima, Muscat and Pedro Ximénez, have an alcohol content of between 15° and 23°. All the wines that have this denomination of origin have to be aged in oak casks, with a capacity of not more than 800 liters, and an aging process of more than 2 years.

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