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Maremma Toscana Wine

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What did the poet Dante Alighieri said about its old Maremma Toscana town and region ? "Not even the beasts who abound/ In the wilds between Cecina and Corneto, and hate tilled land, would call this their kind of ground" This was the 13th century.

Nothing is more wrong today. More, this old IGT from the Grosseto province of Tuscany is officialy a DO since 2011. Maremma Toscana is a very marshy area. (Marisma means Marsh).

About the wines produced is the area, we can say that Maremma Toscana's focus is on dry and sweet varietal wines. The Maremma Toscana has a great terrain of softly rolling hills covered by olive and vineyards, oak and cypress. Paradise, nothing to do with the Dante hell.

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