2017 Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Wild Rock review

Wild Rock (Marlborough)

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Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Wild Rock 2017

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- A wild White on wild winery Wild Rock from the wild Marlborough
- Directed by Steve Smith, the Wild Rock Wine Company produces a range of fresh and fruity wines that reflect the wildly beautiful and very varied terroir of New Zealand regions Hawkes Bay, Martinborough and Marlborough
- Each Wild Rock Wine has its own name, to express his unique style and character
- So the Winemaker its Sauvignon Blanc describes with the knowledge of the effects of wild nature and elegant beauty
- Color a lemon yellow with green highlights
- The taste intense green aromas of lime, gooseberry and red pepper on the palate, tropical fruit and fresh basil, refreshing acidity with a balanced fruity aftertaste
- Ideal with fresh fish or seafood
- Allergens: Contains sulfites

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