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Pacharán Ruavieja


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Pacharán is produced by the traditional maceration of sloe and aniseed, with the know-how and heritage of Ruavieja. It is distinguished by its bright red colour, thanks to the plum berries, and its aroma is extremely harmonious due to its fruity nuances, which are smooth in the mouth .

To enjoy the taste experience of Pacharán Ruavieja To serve the pacharán, cool the bottle before serving, then pour it into a large glass on ice, stir gently and enjoy the unique character of its slopes.

There are also other ways to enjoy your Pacharán Ruavieja. One option is the Butane Cocktail, for which you will need 4 or 5 cl of Pacharán Ruavieja. The "on the Beach" drink is made with 4 or 5 cl of Pacharan Ruavieja, 2 cl of peach liqueur, 4 cl of cranberry juice, 4 cl of orange or pineapple juice and some ice cream, or Pacharán on the Beach, made with 4 or 5 cl of Pacharan Ruavieja, 2 cl of peach liqueur, 4 cl of cranberry juice, 4 cl of orange or pineapple juice and some ice cream.

Drink Pacharán like you've never drunk it before!

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Technical sheet

Category:Pacharán (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Bodegas Ruavieja
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 25%
Country: Spain

Description of Pacharán Ruavieja

Pacharán Ruavieja


  • Color: Pacharán Ruavieja is a vivid red color, intensity and brightness are a reflection of the careful process of maceration
  • Smell: The aroma is harmonious and nuanced, with aniseed and then move to the top of the fruity sloes. Their balance and freshness are unmistakable.
  • Taste: It remains balanced, smooth on the palate with intense fruit notes and aniseed finish with hints of licorice.

WINEMAKING: A product made by hand and selecting the best sloe of each season, the second key ingredient is time, steeping the mash at the proper temperature for months without haste. Once the main ingredient of sloe gin is ready to complement your recipe, add a touch of flower Badiana

PRODUCER: Spirit Ruavieja

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: aromas and flavors in all its breadth charge snifter at a cool temperature between 6 and 8 degrees. You can cool the bottle in the fridge or cool the glass with ice.

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The Producer

Bodegas Ruavieja

Bodegas Ruavieja

The Ruavieja brand is based in Galicia and produces unique liqueurs that can be enjoyed pure or in delicious cocktails. With traditional and modern products Ruavieja appeals to many different consumers. It belongs to the Pernod Ricard spirits group, the second-largest distributor of spirits in the world.

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