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Pantelleria is a comune in the province of Trapani in Sicily. The territory of this municipality on the island of Pantelleria. Montagna, with its 836 meters high, is the highest point of the island. "Black Pearl of the Mediterranean" is the nickname of this volcanic island of 83km ². The economy of the city is partly related to the trading of local wine, raisin, as well as the capers.

In 700, Pantelleria was conquered by the Arabs, which gives it its name: Bent El Riah بنت الرياح "the daughter of the winds." Passito of Pantelleria is a liqueur wine appellation DOC produced exclusively from grapes Zibibbo base (Muscat of Alexandria).

In general, the dress raisin Pantelleria is golden yellow with amber highlights. On the nose we find a delicate and fine aroma containing hints of apricot, candied fruit, jasmine, orange blossom, honey, figs, spices ... In the mouth it is fresh, smooth, fruity and may persist for best.

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