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Ricard 4.5L


$61.79 (Approximate price)

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After a lot of experimentation, a 20-something-year-old Paul Ricard released his anise-based liqueur to the public. This happened back in 1932 but the recipe has managed to remain a secret ever since. There are even rumours out there that the recipe has never been written down, to maintain its secrecy. No matter what the rumour, the truth is that Paul Ricard's spirit was so good that he named it after himself and that name stuck.

What we do know is that Ricard is a mix of anise, liquorice, fennel, and Provence herbs that has become the most popular anise-based spirit on Earth. Part of that secret may have to do with the open-air ageing of the liqueur. The bottles in which it is stored are licked by the salt spray in Marseille, which adds a special something to the process that is impossible to replicate.

This spirit gives off the gorgeous aroma of star anise and liquorice. The flavour goes much deeper though, adding fruit, wood, and mixed spices to the anise and liquorice that come through in the nose. Traditionally cut with water and enjoyed before a meal, this is also a great spirit to enjoy over ice in the summer. The simplest recipe is to mix one measure of Ricard to five measures of water, add ice, and enjoy.

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Technical sheet

Category:Pastis (Spirits)
Producer: Societé Ricard
Volume: 450cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: France
Kosher: Yes

Elaboration of Ricard 4.5L

Ricard 4.5L


  • Colour: Ricard 4.5L
  • Smell: Notes of green anise, star anise and fennel.
  • Taste: Flavours of anise and fennel.

PRODUCER: Pernod Ricard


ELABORATION : Ricard 4.5L is a mixture of pure alcohol and extracts of green anise, star anise, fennel (anethol). It is macerated for a day or two with liquorice and filtered. At each stage of the elaboration, the bottle is subjected to a strict quality control.


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The Producer

Societé Ricard

Societé Ricard

In 1932, at age 23, Paul Ricard perfected the recipe that would make his success: a new pastis to which he gave his name. "His name will be Ricard, the true pastis of Marseille!"

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délai livraison trop longs, il est interdit par le cosd du commerce de vendre un produit qui n'est pas disponible, surtout annoncé dispo'!
Pas contant de cet incident
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Ricard 4.5L

5 /5

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5 /5

produit livré plus qu'à temps et en très bon état
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3.5 /5

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