Graham's 10 Years Tawny review

Graham's (Port)

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Graham's 10 Years

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Graham's 10 Years is produced from highest quality wines, after careful selection, are aged in oak barrels of 534 liters to be achieved at the peak of ripeness. It is essential to find the right balance between the delicacy and elegance which results from prolonged cask aging, while preserving the quality of the fruit, which lends this aged Tawny its structure and longevity. Deep amber color, complex aroma of orange peel and nuts. On the palate, concentrated flavors of ripe fruit, velvety harmony and a long and delightful. It combines very well with all kinds of pies, as p. ex. apple tart with cinnamon. Try it slightly chilled to appreciate the complexity and voluptuousness of this wine. An excellent alternative to Vintage Port at less formal occasions.

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