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Wine of Porto & Douro

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The Porto & Douro region is known internationally its Port wines, with a wide variety of wines with its own name, and was the first region to be officially recognized in 1756.

The Douro territory comprises the Douro Valley, particularly along the river to Barqueiros, about 100 kilometers from the river to the very border with Spain.

Douro wines are made with grapes from vines grown on the rugged slopes of this region. The main difference between the Port and Douro wines is the alcohol content, Douro having 12° and Ports having 20º.

The white varieties of Douro, must be represented by at least 60% of the following varieties: Donzelinho, Esgana Cao, Folgazâo, Gouveia, Malvasia, Rabigato, Viosinho and Codega. Among the red wines, the names Bastard, Donzelinho Tinto, Mourisco Tinto, Touriga Francesa, among others, stand out.

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