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The French wine-producing region of Provence in south of France is Provence is the largest wine region specializing in dry rosé, famous for tis great wines. The Romans used to call it the provincia nostra ("our province"), giving the region its name. Just south of the Alps, it was the first Roman province outside Italy.

Provence Wines are made via "assemblage", a very old winemaking technique in which each grape variety is made into wine separately before the selected types are "assembled" to obtain the final product. This practice makes it possible to obtain well-balanced wines that preserve the unique qualities of each grape variety.

If it is young, lively and fruity, a Provence red is the perfect accompaniment for grilled meats with Mediterranean herbs, white meats, lamb, a cold beef stew, vegetable gratins or tomatoes with olive oil. But more and more top-shelf reds are being produced in Provence that can be aged.

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