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Wine of Rheingau

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Rheingau wines, bottled by the producers themselves, enjoy a significant reputation in their commercialization, which be noted in the price and quality, and which are included among the best wines in Germany. This explains the fact that until the 1980s, the lands were owned by the aristocracy.

The Rheingau area, located along the Rhine and in the vicinity of Frankfurt, produces white wines of a very high quality, produced from grapes attacked by noble rot, from the Riesling strain, and which are perfectly adapted to the region since 1435.

Rheingau red wines are made from Pinot Noir. They are elegant wines with a fine aroma. Of all these, the most prominent is that of the Assmanshausen vineyards. Anyway, all the productions in Rheingau reassert the leadership this region has in the German wine industry.

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