2016 Castello di Fonterutoli Mazzei Siepi review

Castello Di Fonterutoli Mazzei (Tuscany)

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Castello di Fonterutoli Mazzei Siepi 2016

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Excellence of the historical cellars Mazzei, Hedges of Fonterutoli is a monumental red of great value, flag in Italy and in the world of Tuscan wine tradition. Born near Castellina Chianti, along an area around an ancient Florentine town already known in Etruscan times and owes its name to the vineyard-facing Val d'Elsa, the historic cradle of Sangiovese and Merlot. Nectar exclusive and of great character, embodies the history of tradition and rituals of Mazzei cellars, one representing prestigious label, long time local identity and pride. Hedges of Fonterutoli is a pleasant sensory experience that comes from a winemaking process requiring separate fermentations for Merlot and Sangiovese. This phase follows a complex maturation of about half a year in French oak barrels, which gives the Siepi its aromatic complexity. Elegant, rich and intense, is a wine that meets the favor of the most sophisticated palates and is embellished with a long and established which makes it indispensable in the exquisitely finest convivial appointments. Preserved in a timely manner, it is a nectar that can age in the bottle for more than twenty years.

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