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The Rhone wine region is the oldest region in France, with many vineyards that date back to Greek times. It is 230 kilometers long, along the rugged and sunny shores of the Rhone River, interrupted only between Valence and Douz.

The vineyards of the Rhone start from Vienne and Avignon, and two very distinct areas can be noted, the northern shore and the southern shore. The differences between both are based on the climate, the kind of land, the vines and types of strains cultivated. What the two regions have in common is the production of solid and intensely aromatic wines.

All kinds of wines are produced in the Rhone, but the ones which stand out are the great white wines produced in the northernmost area. In the south, however, some red wines, other sparkling wines, a rosé wine and two great naturally sweet wines stand out.

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