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Mosel-Saar-Ruwer is a wine-producing area in Germany, located on the banks of the Moselle River. It has an area of 10,400 hectares. In it they cultivate a big selection of grape varieties, although the predominant one is the denominated Riesling, with which wines of an excellent quality are produced, characterized by a slight acidity. There are a total of four subregions that cover this wine area: Saar and Ruwer, Middle Moselle, Lower Moselle and Mittel.

The vast majority of vineyards in the area are very old, some even reaching 100 years of age. The soil is, in the vast majority of cases, extremely rough; the vineyards are located on hillsides. The vast majority of the region is made up of slate soil, although there are also some other types of volcanic soil.

How the Saar wines are

The wines of this area are characterized by being extremely delicate, exquisite for the most demanding palates. They have a very pure and balanced flavour and aroma, combining in a fantastic way the alcohol, the acidity and the sweetness. Some people point out that the most representative wines of the region are the 'spätlese'; certainly, they are the most balanced of all. In addition, there are other wines that deserve special attention, such as the 'auslese', 'beerenauslese', 'trockenbeerenauslese' and 'eiswein'.

*Germany and the winemaking art


Germany is a country in which 80% of the vineyards grow white grapes, with Riesling being the main protagonist. One of the most important wine regions of the country is Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, near the border with Luxembourg, where the most well-deserved worldwide reputation for German wines is born.

The wines of the Saar region are unique and very special; and they are considered a true experience, both for the palate and for all the senses. They have an aroma and a flavour that makes them very exclusive. Thus, they are currently among the best valued wines, both by critics and the public in general. Exported to other countries, all wine lovers already identify the Riesling grape.

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