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Sal de Añana (Salt)

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Flor de Sal 250Gr. Sal de Añana

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Irregular sheets of pure salt obtained by methods 100%
 natural. It is made during the summer months using traditional techniques developed by the salt for generations. The crunchy texture and appearance are the result of rolling your particular process. The sheets during the first months of the evaporation process, when fine crystals floating on the surface are formed. The crystals are harvested by hand before falling to the bottom of the ages. These films, well prD.O. ucirse in a privileged landscape and heritage environment, are characterized by their high natural purity. The absence of industrial refining processes entails that is rich in minerals and trace elements. In addition, its crisp texture and great ability to enhance the flavor of foods make it very popular in haute cuisine. Anana salty Valley Foundation in 1960 was working in the salt valley 5. 648 were to make salt, in 1984 their number had been reduced to 2. 338 and in 2000 only 42 were in operation. This rapid rate of degradation , in which virtually disappeared in 93.3%
 platforms in just 40 years, led the Álava Provincial Council to promote the recovery of the whole. To do this, set up a master plan whose main objective was to diagnose the problems that caused the ruin of the valley and indicate how and the most appropriate way to rescue them from oblivion to which he had been subjected during the last forty years, preserve, keep them , care for, use, teach, and through its use, ensure their survival for future generations. The phrase that best reflects the philosophy of the work done for the Master Plan we believe it is: Learn to restore, restore to survive. Keep in mind that the image supplied from the Salt Valley today is the result of a complex evolutionary process, both in terms of political, economic and social, which began when the first man view took in Prehistory Pickle to make your salt springs and ended when he went out of production and the salt is left. To recover Anana is necessary to understand this process, which thus recover from oblivion empirical knowledge developed over millennia by the salt and avoid making mistakes during their future work. Consequently, the methodological approach of the Master Plan is based on three interrelated pillars. The first is to document, analyze the second and third proposed.

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