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The team

We want to offer our customers the best service when purchasing wines, champagnes and spirits online. Our team consists of dedicated, motivated and perfection-loving employees who will improve your shopping experience at Drinks&Co. Would you like to get to know us?

The management

Always looking towards the future

Experience, charisma, strategic vision and great desire to make the project and the team grow. Louis (Managing Director), Benjamin (Head of Finance & Operations), Nico (Head of Marketing & Business), Albert L. (Head of Content & SEO), Albert G. (Head of IT & Product) and Nathanaël (Head of Strategy & Bodeboca) form the Drinks&Co Management Committee, with the ambition and enthusiasm to create the ideal place to find the perfect drinks for your special moments.

Our teams

Customer Service

It is all about personalized service

Our customer service is a multilingual team that is always available to help our customers in all matters. In this department, Maria, Isolda, Jennifer, Jordi, Sonsoles and Vania offer personalised customer service in several languages with a single goal: Excellent service and satisfied customers.

Marketing & Business

Always one step ahead.

It is not an easy task to find interesting products on the market and to offer customers the most exclusive and personalized deals. In the commercial sector, Veronica, Fanny, Eleonora, Laura and Martin are working to find the best products and reliable sales partners who can offer our customers excellent service. In the marketing department, Audrey, Adriana, Laia, Maria, Domènec, Carolina and Lazare use the necessary magic to provide each customer with the best-customized offers at the best prices.

Content & SEO

We offer more than just words.

Our content team provides the wines, champagnes and spirits with unique product descriptions in several languages. The team consists of Cèlia, Raúl, Daniel, Karin, Isabelle and Sara. Sergio and Jordi work in the SEO area and they know better than anyone how to seduce Google to help our clients find the product they want as quickly as possible.

IT & Product

May the web be with you.

The product team works with UX staff to ensure that everything the user sees is intuitive and understandable. Cecilia, Marçal, Naiara and Stefania are responsible for this area. In the IT team, Javier, Fran, Will, Biel, Xavi S., Albert, Miguel, Álex L., Xavier C., Laura, Alex G. and Flor make sure that the servers, code and design are a perfect match, with one eye on quality and the other on the platform's performance, to provide a fast and smooth shopping experience for our customers.


The key is variety.

It is the most transversal team of Drinks&Co, made up of people from different areas, who daily expand and improve our product pages of wines, champagnes and spirits. The technical know-how is provided by Eduard, Christian, Ramón and Koldo. Laura, Raúl and David make sure that our products can be found in the right product categories.

Finanzas & Operaciones

A necessary structure.

In this department Luis, Paul and Gerard deal with diabolical spreadsheets. Here they add, subtract, multiply and divide to make our project of Drinks&Co grow and become the biggest online shop for alcoholic beverages.

Human Resources

Staff with many resources.

This is the department with the fewest employees within the company. But never before have so few people achieved so much. Maite and Jordi take care of everything and find the best talents for our company.