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The IGT Tuscany refers to the name of a typical geographic indication, very recently created, and in which most of the di tavola wines of the regio are included. The region lies on the shores of the Reno River, where it meets the Apennines, on the East coast of Italy. The next objective of the IGT Tuscany is to conform a regional denomination by itself.

The IGT Tuscany produces table wines that indicate their region of origin. They are wines subject to control of their production methods, although they do not have a series category. These wines, apart from expressing their origin, must also indicate what grape varieties were used for their production.

The IGT Tuscany uses the strains that are commonly seen in the region, such as Freisa, Sangiovese, Malvasia, Brunello and other similar ones. Anyway, the only obligation in IGT is to state what grape strain the wine is made from.

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