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Veneto is the DOC that produces the most wine in Italy, but quantity is not a sunonym of quality. This is why the people responsible for the wineries in the area have set themselves the task of improving that porportion.

In this respect, the Valpolicella denomination of origin is one of the candidates to achieve that. In this DOC, red wines from strains of corvina and corvina veronese are produced. Although dry red wines from dissicated grapes, called Amarone wines, are also highlighted.

Valpolicella produces wines with very delicate production, due to the drying of the grapes, which explains the high prices of this type of wine, which during the process loses more than 40% of liquid.

The result of this long process is a dense wine, with a full body and slightly high alcohol content that is more than 16°. Ideal for meats and most of all, for dishes that include truffles among their ingredients.

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