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Belberry (Vinegars)

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Vinagre de Frambuesa 200ml

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The Belberry vinegars are a step on the way to get goD.O. prD.O. ucts from the fruit. Vinegar particularly suitable for use in ice cream, salads, strawberries, salads, etc.. Its development is purely handmade, nothing can compete with the perfect color of jams and homemade jams, carefully made with the finest fruits and the finest sugars. The origin of the brand Belberry goes back to 1956, where in a small town in Belgium began to develop an artisanal jam for the inhabitants of the small region. Later on, due to its success, the son of the craftsman decided to take his jams beyond the Belgian borders and now. . . we can find the best gourmet stores around the world.

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