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Vinho Verde

2017 Monte Baixo Vinho Verde


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The Vinho Verde region of Portugal has been producing excellent wines since Roman times. This historic region is known for its young wines, thus the name "vinho verde", which translates to "green wine" in English. This is in reference to the age of the wine, not its colour, of course. From this wonderful region comes Monte Baixo Vinho Verde 2017.

As an unaged wine, this product is especially fruity and fresh in the mouth. The use of a mix of Vinhão, Borraçal, and Espadeiro grapes allows each grape to add its special personality to the whole. Monte Baixo Vinho Verde 2017 is a very balanced release with a wonderful aroma to back up its ruby red tone. Pair it with stronger flavours, such as Roquefort cheese or roasted meat to allow the bright fruit notes to balance out the more powerful flavours.

While it is generally more common to find white wines from this region, there are a number of quality red wines, of which this wine is definitely one. As part of the exclusive portfolio of wines made for specifically for the Makro company, this release is a great way to introduce Portuguese wines to all of the markets where Makro has a presence.

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Technical sheet

Type Of Wine: red wine
Vintage: 2017 Other vintages
2018, 2016, 2015 and 2014
Appellation:Vinho Verde (Vinho Verde, Portugal)
Winery: Monte Baixo
Volume: 75cl
Grapes: Borracal, Espadeiro
Allergens: Contains Sulfites
Alcohol Vol.: 9.5%

Elaboration of 2017 Monte Baixo Vinho Verde

2017 Monte Baixo Vinho Verde (Borracal and Espadeiro)


  • View: Monte Baixo Vinho Verde 2017 has a bright ruby red colour.
  • Nose: Refreshing aromas of ripe red fruit conform the bouquet.
  • Mouth: Balanced on the palate, with good structure and a full body. Flavours of red fruit are also present, with a slightly astringent taste.


VINEYARD: Monte Baixo. From the popular Vinho Verde region in Portugal, which is widely known for producing high quality white wines, although the red varieties have gained a deserved space in the market in the last few years. Close to the Atlantic Ocean, the weather is highly humid procuring very productive lands. This, combined with relatively low altitudes have determined the soft nature of the wines, having a maximum of 11.5% of alcohol by volume as defined by the denomination of origin.

GRAPES: Vinhão, Borraçal, and Espadeiro.

PREPARATION: This wine is prepared as a Portuguese Red Blend. The grapes are harvested and vinified separately. As is traditional for the red wines from this region, the vinification is conducted with the skins to preserve the colour and aromaticity of the wine. This is a young wine, silky and smooth.

PAIRING: Perfect to be paired with slightly roasted, caramelized red meat, but also good with strong cheeses, such as Azeitão or Roquefort.



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The Winery

Monte Baixo

Monte Baixo is an exclusive line of wines made for the Makro company. This international wholesale distributor exports wine to 33 different markets. The Monte Baixo line has won awards for its Monte Baixo Alentejo Reserva, in particular. With fine red and white offerings from both the Vinho Verde and Alentejo regions of Portugal, this line of wines is an excellent way to show the world the quality of true Portuguese wines.

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I bought it here at Uvinum.
The Monte Baixo Vinho Verde offers wonderful tinges. This Monte Baixo offers predominating notes of berries and red fruits. Voluptuous in the mouth.
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