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Larios (Vodka)

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It's Larios who produces the Vodka Yurinka 1L ($9.20), a Neutral with origins in Spain with an alcoholic content of 37.5%.
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The Vodka Yurinka is perfect as base of cocktails thanks to its taste both sweet and citrus.

Technical sheet · Vodka Yurinka

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Larios
Volume: 100cl
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: Spain
Type Of Vodka: Neutral
Number Of Distillations: 2 Distillation

Description · Larios

Vodka Yurinka 1L


  • Color: Vodka Yurinka 1L is white crystalline
  • Odor: Mild with hints of smoke
  • Taste: Taste classic neutral vodka.

Made with rectified alcohol of high quality of molasses from beet that is rectified based on active carbon.

Made in Spain and sports a traditional-looking coat of arms and blocky font on the label

ALCOHOL: 37.5% Vol



Larios is the Mediterranean Genever that has accompanied many generations since its birth in Malaga in 1866. The Mediterranean sea has become the very nature of Larios, which - as the most emblematic Spanish gins - symbolizes and evokes the sensations of its place of origin. Each of his gins...

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Highlighted review about Vodka Yurinka 1L

Posted on at 09.29


Vodka Yurinka 1L

Vodka YurinkaVodka Yourinka is a vodka made in Spain from rectified spirit from molasses remolachay which is subsequently rectified with charcoal activoNOTAS OF CATAVista: This vodka has a white cristalinoNariz: It has a soft aromas with hints of smoke and remolachaSabor: Has the classic taste of...
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Posted on at 13.25

4 /5

Very good
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Posted on at 18.06

5 /5

Very pleased with the vodka and the service would recommend
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Posted on at 08.10

4 /5

Very good quality for the price
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Posted on at 19.47

4 /5

-Color: Yurinka 1L shows a crystalline color.
-Olor: A beet has a delicate aroma.
-Taste: With a citrus aftertaste on the palate. Final long and sweet.

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Posted on at 13.16

4 /5

Vodka Yurinka in liter bottle, obtained by double distillation of beet molasses which gives a slight taste of this with a citrus aftertaste.
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Posted on at 13.31

4 /5

Yurinka Vodka 100 cl
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Posted on at 09.04

4 /5

- Tasting notes: Crystal White. Smooth with hints of smoke. classic and neutral flavor vodka.
- DETAILS OF PROCESSING: Prepared with the purity rectified alcohol-based high quality beet molasses is...
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Posted on at 16.58

4 /5

Yurinka 1L

Vodka, in Russian, means water. Vodka is a cheerful, affectionate diminutive. The name of the water of life, made with all purity. So is this vodka. 37,5%. 1 liter.
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