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The wines of the French Burgundy are venerated by everyone. They provide a great exquisiteness and quality that makes them unique and are the best sellers in the world.

Within these we must stop at the Volnay wines. These are wines of long tradition and that were already consumed in the time of Louis XI, at that time destined to the court of the king. Here, today, there are prestigious wineries: Marquis d'Angerville, Michel Lafarge, Hubert de Montille, Pousse d'Or, Regis Rossignol or Joseph Voillot.

This AOC, as the appellations of origin of some specific wines are called there, features especially red wines, which are the most elegant, delicate and fine of the Côte de Beaune.

In general, when talking about the Burgundy vineyard we refer to 250 kilometres from the north of Chablis, south of the Mâcon region. It has 33 grand cru denominations, 562 premier cru denominations, 44 municipal denominations or villages and 23 regional and semi-regional denominations.

Burgundy produces red wines, among which the Volnay wines are more prestigious, and for these Pinot Noir and Gamay grapes are used. White wines are made from chardonnay and aligoté grapes. Small quantities of rosé and sparkling wines are also produced.

The Volnay is included within the wine classification of Premier Cru Burgundy, wines produced from specific vineyards that are still considered high quality, but not as much as the Grand Cru. Premier wines are 12% of production, with 45 hectolitres per hectare. Among their specifications there is the condition that they need to age for 3-5 years, and the best wines can be preserved even for much longer.

Premier Cru wines normally carry both the name of the town of origin, as we have seen with the “Volnay Premier Cru” as a denomination, and then the name of the individual vineyard (for example “Les Caillerets”) in the wine label.

The vineyards of Burgundy reach 60,000 acres (240 km²) of production. Small growers sell their grapes to large producers who mix and bottle the wine.

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