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Whiskey is a kind of distillate obtained generally with cereals such as wheat, barley or millet. Before distillation, the grain with which the whiskey is made must be subjected to different treatments:

  • Firstly, the cereal grains are to be germinated.
  • Then these grain sprouts are dried and ground in a process called malting, for the starch to be transformed into sugar and malts.
  • Once the sugar is fermented with water to obtain alcohol, the whiskey is distilled with alcohol over water. It may take several distillations. After that whiskey is usually aged in barrels.

There are different types of whiskey: as Scotch whiskey or scotch whiskey, made only from barley. Irish whiskey is smoother, and can lead oats. American whiskey has a sweet taste and also uses wheat and corn. The bourbon is a special kind of whiskey made exclusively from corn.

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