Hibiki Harmony

Suntory (Whiskey)

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Now one of the largest makers of distilled beverages on Earth, the House of Suntory started out a bit smaller. Founded in 1899, this company aimed to make Japanese spirits that were suited for the tastes and palates of the Japanese people. By adding whisky to this list of spirits in 1923, the founder of the company, Shinjiro Torii, wanted to create his own whisky on Japanese soil and with a Japanese approach. The first Japanese whisky was, therefore, born on the outskirts of Kyoto and has only been getting more popular since.

Of all the fine products offered by Suntory, Hibiki Harmony is a true gem. This blended whisky is made of a carefully selected collection of at least ten whiskies from the three Suntory Distilleries, located all around Japan. The malt whiskies are sourced from Yamazaki and Hakushu while the grain whisky comes from Chita. The final product is calm, complex, and, above all, harmonious.

The bottle itself is a work of art. With its 24 sides in honour of the traditional Japanese 24 seasons in a year, clean label with eye-catching calligraphy, and the shining golden amber whisky waiting within, who could resist a bottle of whisky this good? Light and approachable, this is an elegant spirit that is a perfect entry into the world of Japanese whiskies. It will keep you coming back for more.

Technical sheet · Hibiki Harmony

Category:Whiskey (Spirits)
Producer: Suntory
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Awards: 2018: Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Country: Japan
Type Of Whisky: Blended

Description · Suntory

Hibiki Harmony

TASTING NOTES OF Hibiki Harmony :

  • Color: golden amber.
  • Flavour: seductive aromas of apricots, orange marmalade, subtle cinnamon and cloves. elegant and seductive.
  • Taste: generous fruit again on the palate, oranges and apricots galore, a little peppery flavor, but soft and succulent fruit. Good balance, and very well prepared.

PRODUCER: Suntory.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: 10 mixture of malt and grain whiskeys.



Suntory is a Japanese brewery and distillery. Founded in 1899 Suntory started as a shop selling imported wines. In 1924 Japan's first distillery -Destilería Yamazaki- starts producing malt whiskey. Five years later, first sold in Japan Suntory Whiskey whiskey Shirofuda (White Label) being the...

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Highlighted review about Hibiki Harmony

La Boucherie Du Whisky

Posted on at 16.18


Suntory Hibiki Harmony

Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the latest of the Suntory distillery. Launched in March 2015 in Japan, Japanese blended whiskey is made and Yamazaki single malt Hakushu and a single grain whiskey. . . Launched in March 2015 in Japan, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the latest creation of the famous Japanese Suntory distillery. Hibiki Japanese resonance means and the least we can say is that this new Japanese blended should make noise in the world of whiskey lovers. Consisting of a blend of the finest single malts Yamazaki and Hakushu of different ages, it also has a hint of grain whiskey distillery of Chita. Created to meet the Japanese whiskeys shortages and growing demand, Hibiki Harmony will soon delighted the palates of fans of the brand. Far from being a blend at a discount, it is already generating great interest Japanese. TASTING NOTES Color: Gold with amber highlights. Nose: Delicate and delicious, with fresh notes of rose and lychee. Mature woody aromas and a touch of rosemary accompany all. Palate: Full and flavorful, it is softened by the smoothness of honey and white chocolate. An orange peel notes all. Finish: Long, subtle and with soft woody notes due to aging in Mizunara.

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Detouillon Stéphane

Posted on at 21.40

5 /5

D extremely soft, great I highly recommend it.
Jorge Ollé Manuel

Posted on at 11.45

4.5 /5

It offers a wide range of taste sensations. Excellent.

Posted on at 23.12

4.5 /5

The product name is defined himself honestly.
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