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Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey


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Jack Daniel's is a brand of Tennessee whiskey that is made using a special blend of corn, rye, and barley. That special recipe has remained unchanged since first established by a certain Jasper Newton Daniel, who tended to go by the name of Jack, back in 1866. But, if you thought that Jack Daniel's could not get any better, you have yet to try Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey!

This truly special honey liqueur takes the famous original Jack - Old No. 7 - and mixes it with real honey. The taste of the final product shows that it clearly comes from Jack Daniel's. Apart from that, it is really delicious. Unlike many blends of honey and whiskey out there on the market, this one tastes 100% natural and is not too sweet, allowing it to appeal to the palate of absolutely everyone.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey weighs in at just 35% alcohol per volume. While it may seem like there are more and more flavoured whiskeys on the market nowadays, this is one that is worth having on hand. Chilled, on the rocks, or mixed into a simple cocktail, this is a real crowd-pleaser. Perk up your coffee with a bit of sweetness and personality. Add it to ginger beer for a perfect, slightly bubbly, summer refreshment.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whiskey (Spirits)
Producer: Jack Daniel's Distillery
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and Magnum
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: United States
Type Of Whisky: Others

Description of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey


  • View: Jack Daniel's Honey has a yellow amber.
  • Nose: The nose was a slight honey aroma with notes of caramel, charcoal and honeysuckle.
  • Mouth: honey flavor with hints of vanilla and oak. The finish is sweet and clean.

PRODUCTION: Jack Daniel's complies with the Lincoln County Process, a unique process that involves passing the distillate through a layer of Maple charcoal before putting it in casks. This helps retain the heavier elements and promotes the homogeneity of the distillate.

WINERY: Jack Daniel's Distillery

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The Producer

Jack Daniel's Distillery

Jack Daniel's Distillery

Jack Daniel's is an American Tennessee whiskey distillery, famous for its square bottles and black label.

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Jack Daniel's Honey

4 /5

- Straw in colour with copper tinges.
- The nose shows maple syrup. Sorghum on the palate, complimented by nice cooperage, honey and vanilla.
- Detectable flavours of coffee and char.
- Not as cloying and sweet as some honey whiskey offerings.
- Jack Daniels do things a little differently - and that's what gives Jack Daniel's its distinctive character.
- They Charcoal Mellow their whiskey drop by drop, then let it age in their own handcrafted barrels. And they don't follow a calendar.
- Their Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey is ready only when their tasters say it is. They use their senses, just like Jack Daniel himself did. In fact, more than a century later, their Tennessee Whiskey is still judged the same way. By the way it looks. By the way it smells. And of course, by the way it tastes. Appreciating it for what it is and not comparing it your favourite straight whiskey, Jack Daniel's Honey offers some serious depth of character and gives the other honey flavoured whiskeys out there a real run for their honey.
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Jack Daniel's Honey

5 /5

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Jack Daniel's Honey

5 /5

I knew this before buying, no surprise.
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Jack Daniel's Honey

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