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Jameson is an Irish Whiskey produced in Ireland since 1780, processed and aged at the Jameson Distillery of Midleton. More than 200 years of history, but the distillery still follows the family motto "Sine Metu" - without fear - and the same identical recipe to produce its whiskey.

It is made from malted barley and unmalted barley, dried in closed ovens that retain its natural flavour. It is characterized by its triple distillation, which gives it a round, sweet and soft taste. Finally, it is left to age in oak barrels for 5-7 years, years in which the alchemy that is generated between the wood and the drink gives Jameson the particular golden amber colour and delicate aromas.

A small anecdote: in the lower part of the label you can see two men loading a barrel. These two men symbolize the generations of men and women who have given their passion and commitment to producing the best whisky.

A unique whisky that can be drunk pure, with ice cubes or in cocktails.

Technical sheet · Jameson

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Category:Whiskey (Spirits)
Producer: Jameson
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Awards: 2019 Irish Blended Standard Silver Medal - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
2018 Irish Blended Premium Gold Medal - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
2014 Liquid Gold Award - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible
2014 Winner - Irish Blend of the year Jim Murray's Whisky Bible
2014 Silver - Irish Whiskey Blended - International Wine & Spirit Competition
Country: Ireland
Type Of Whisky: Blended
Number Of Distillations: 3 Distillation

Description · Jameson



  • Colour: Dark gold.
  • Aroma: Sweet and fragrant, with notes of toasted wood and sherry.
  • Taste: Exceptionally soft, sweet and complex; it presents a delicate blend of vanilla, oak and honey aromas, accompanied by notes of spices, caramel and pecans; the finish is delicate and persistent in the mouth.


Country: Ireland

PRODUCTION: Made from the best Irish barley and pure spring water; triple distillation; aged in oak barrels.

ALCOHOL: 40% vol.


Jameson is a blended Irish whiskey produced by Irish Distillers subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. The company was established in 1780 when John Jameson established the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin. Originally one of the six main Dublin Whiskeys, Jameson is now distilled in Cork. Jameson is by far...

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Vino Premier

Posted on at 09.29



WHISKEY JAMESONLa history of whiskey begins on October 5, 1740, birthdate of John Jameson in a family recognized with the motto "Sine Metu" (fearless) for their courage in battles at sea against pirates during the sixteenth century. The Secret of the softness of Jameson is time. It is produced with high purity water in combination with malted barley and unmalted, distilled 3 times in traditional copper pot stills and matured in oak barrels ensures its mild flavor and absolute purity. After distillation, the strength of the two types of liquor to 60-70% alcohol by volume is reduced with pure water and filled into barrels. Three different types of barrels urilizan: boots sherry, bourbon barrels and port pipes (after all, three is her lucky number), all maintained by the cooper. The barrels are stored in their huge, dark and aromatic Midleton store, where they rest and mature over the next few years. In a year, each cask loses about 2% of its volume by evaporation. This is known as "The Angels' Share". Mature whiskeys are emptied into huge vats where they can maridar before bottling. Here alcohol strength is also reduced to 40% alcohol by volume and the whiskey is ready for your enjoyment. If you have questions when buying whiskey Jameson, contact the sommelier of our online wine shop and will advise you without obligation.

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Elwhiskydelmes com

Posted on at 12.27

0.5 /5

Jameson, mejor buscar otra opción

Aroma: Deep, wood and classic malt whiskey ... okay, it is untrue. What you see is alcohol kit, not even malt is disappearing over time to allow the aromas open to the contrary, as time progresses, the feeling gets worse.

Palate: Dry, not as disappointing as the nose but little flavor. It is shown. definitely not the wood which imposed distillation with oak and vanilla notes head. Also sweet apple and some smoke but all in very limited quantity.

Final: Language rag. Forced to go quickly to take another

www. elwhiskydelmes. com
John Humphryes

Posted on at 09.01

4 /5

Distinctive irish whiskey at a good price

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

- Founded in 1780 and produced at Midleton Distillery, Co Cork, by John Jameson and Son. Members of the family are still involved in the business, though in 1966 Jameson became a part of the Irish Distillers Group, who also make Bushmills. When John Jameson opened his distillery in Dublin in 1780 he was carrying on a tradition of whiskey making which had its origins in Ireland over a thousand years ago.
- Today Jameson Irish Whiskey is world famous for its distinctive flavour and smooth characteristics. Triple distilled from the finest Irish barley and pure spring water and then matured in oak casks. Jameson carries the hallmark of quality, which has made it the best selling Irish Whiskey around the world.
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