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It's the brand Nichols Distilling Company which produces the Wild Turkey 81 ($16.50), a whiskey with roots in United States with 40.5% of alcohol strength. Rated with 4,1 of 5 points according to Drinks&Co's users.

Technical sheet · Wild Turkey 81

Category:Whiskey (Spirits)
Producer: Nichols Distilling Company
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40.5%
Country: United States

Description · Nichols Distilling Company

Wild Turkey 81


  • Color: Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon Whiskey has a mahogany color.
  • Smell: Aromas with notes of vanilla, spices, lime and citrus.
  • Taste: very balanced flavor with notes. Long, dry finish with dominant spices.

ALCOHOL: 50.5% Vol

COUNTRY: United States

Nichols Distilling Company

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Highlighted review about Wild Turkey 81

Posted on at 10.59


Wild Turkey 81

Wild Turkey 81 is a scotch whiskey distillers produced by Wild Turkey associate Eddie Russell, son of Master Distiller Jimmy. It is a high rye mash aged in charred barrels very great taste to a more accessible than 101 ABV.
Whiskey is advisable to consume only Wild Turkey 81 or accompanied by ice to enjoy its many nuances.

View: Given presented with an amber color with golden highlights.
Nose: Smell with aromas of vanilla, spices, lime and citrus
Taste: Nice and spicy with cloves and nutmeg which enhances the fruit with honey. Not too sweet (a good thing) and a good solid punch spicy fruit.
Graduation Whiskey Wild Turkey 81: 40, 5 degrees

More reviews about Wild Turkey 81

Posted on at 09.04

5 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Proof

perfect bourbon

Posted on at 10.58

4 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon Whiskey

TASTING NOTES OF Wild Turkey 81 Proof:

- Flavour: Spicy, woody, vanilla, coffee beans
- Taste: caramel scents, honey. touch of rhubarb, custard and coffee

PRODUCER: Wild Turkey Whiskey Distillery
COUNTRY: United States

ALCOHOL: 40.5%

Posted on at 10.58

4 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon Whiskey

TASTING NOTES OF Wild Turkey 81:
- Color: amber.
- Flavour: aromas of vanilla, honey and peach cobbler.
- Taste: salty flavors of caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg, a note of persistent snuff during the attack in the final.

COUNTRY: United States.

ALCOHOL: 40.5%

Posted on at 05.42

3.5 /5

Wild Turkey 81 is blameless

Posted on at 16.23

4 /5

Bourbon Product Type Age 8 year (s) Country of origin United States

Posted on at 04.03

4 /5

Deze whisky van Wild Turkey heeft gerijpt op eikenhouten. Wild Turkey "81" bestaat uit malts die 6, 7 of 8 jaar hebben gerijpt. Het resultaat is een uitstekend blend met een smaak van butterscotch, fruit en eikenhout.

Posted on at 05.08

4 /5

mahogany color
smelling scents with hints of vanilla, spices, lime and citrus
Very balanced flavor with notes
long, dry finish with dominant spices.

Posted on at 09.04

4 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Proof

- DETAILS OF PREPARATION: Aged between 6 and 8 in American white oak barrels that are used only once.
- ALCOHOLIC: 40.5º
- PAIRING: Take alone or with ice

Posted on at 04.45

4 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Proof

Manufactured with mastery by the master distiller Eddie Russell, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Wild Turkey 81 Proof is above any other whiskey category. Whiskeys consisting of 6-8 years of aging in oak barrels. Filtado pure Kentucky limestone water

Posted on at 12.57

4 /5

Wild Turkey 81 Proof

Color: Dark side of gold with light reddish glow.

Aroma: Flat with usual bourbon notes of oak and wood. Slight dryness feel in the nose. Mild. No sweetness detected. Seems thin.

Tasted Neat: Quite a bit of burn naturally. Extremely light in field of sweetness. Warm. Thin. Falls a bit flat, non-descript. Vague orange peel.

Mouth Feel: Thin. Flavor and heat do not linger.

Proof tells you how much alcohol is in your drink. Each point of proof equals 0.5% alcohol content. So 81 proof is 40.5% alcohol, and 101 proof is 50.5% alcohol. Thanks to its lower proof,

Wild Turkey 81 was developed with bartenders and consumers in mind, creating a truly mixable spirit that delivers Wild Turkey’s famous kick every time.

Wild Turkey 81 was born through extensive research – that is if you consider sitting in bars across America talking to bartenders and whiskey fans research. Having already collaborated with his father, famed Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell, on Russell’s Reserve Bourbon and Rye, Eddie wanted to create a spirit all his own that met the needs of today’s whiskey drinker, who is looking to experience bourbon with mixers and in classic, good-time cocktails more and more.

Wild Turkey 81 uses Wild Turkey’s famous high-rye mash for a spicy kick that lasts and lasts. Hand-selected American oak barrels from the Ozark Mountains receive an “alligator char” before being filled at the distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Wild Turkey 81 is the only bourbon in the category to use this expensive, deep char (also called a “#4 char”), resulting in extreme vanilla and caramel flavors that are hallmarks of a Wild Turkey Bourbon.

The filled barrels are placed in wood-rack warehouses that use no heaters or air conditioners, unlike others in the category.
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