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Cabernet Franc is a black variety originally from te French region of Médoc, and forms aprt of the great wines of Bordeaux. With a medium-sized, long bunches, its grapes are small, spherical, blue-black in color and thin-skinned, with moderately astringent pulp. It is also known as Bordeaux, Bouchet, Bouchy, Breton, Capbreton and Veron. It is grown in cool climates and soils that must have more moisture than those in which its cusin, Cabernet Sauvignon, is grown. This grape also matures before Cabernet Sauvignon, but has less body, color and acidity, while it is more aromatic. The most important French plantations are located in St. Emilion, the Loire Valley and the Southwest of the country. It is also grown in Argentina, Australia, the Balkans, Hungary, the United States (California, Long Island, Washington), Italy (Friuli), New Zealand and Romania. In Spain it is one of the varieties that form part of the Catalunya, Conca de Barberá, Penedés and Terra Alta DOs, and is authorized in Andalusia, Aragón and Castilla-La Mancha. It is widely used to blend with Cabernet Sauvignon to soften, give color and accelerate the aging process, introducing fruit (red fruits, plums) and floral (violet) aromas. The aging process, carried out in oak casks, usually adds vanilla, coconut and sweet wood scents.

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