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Garnacha Tinta is a black table and wine grape. Its origins are not clear, since there are people who claim it is from the Ebro valley while others state that it comes from Aragon, and even the Italian Liguria. It has an infinite number of synonyms (grenache, giró, lledoner, granaccia, negrella, roussillon, tintilla, etc), so many that it is impossible to mention them all. This is the grape with Mediterranean origin that is cultivated the most, worldwide. The bunches are compact, medium-sized, and the grapes are also medium-sized, oval and dark red, or rather, purple. The wines it produces have little color, but high alcohol content and excellent oxidation, which allows it to be combined with other strains. It is suitable for aging in oak, and provides aromas and flavors of berries, figs and dates, among others. It is often used for the manufacture of liquorous and dessert wines.

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