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Roussanne is a white grape originally grown in the Rhone region in France, where it is often combined with Marsanne. Is often referred to as Barbin, Bergeron, Martin Cot, Fromental, Rebolot, Babellot, Ramoulette, Greffou, Picotin Blanc and Courtoisie It is one of the varieties permitted in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph DOCs. It is also cultivated in Australia, Spain, the United States (California and Washington), Italy (Tuscany), and its performance is being studied in Chile. With a compact, medium-sized bunch, the grapes are small, round, amber yellow, and they acquire a characteristic pinkish-brown color when they mature, which is the reason for the name of the strain. In cold climates, the wines it produces are reminiscent of a herbal tea with flowers, delicate, with high acidity. In hot climates its wines are unctuous, with flavors of honey and pears, and great body. It is a delicate variety, not easy to grow and of irregular yield.

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